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Latest trends in web development

Web design is one of the things that have been going through constant changes and makeovers. A lot of advancements are come and gone. Hence it is mandatory for the web designers to stay updated about the latest trends. If not, they will not be able to live to the expectations of the people. In this article, we will see in detail the latest advancements and trends in web development.

AI or bots

We never thought that robots are going to take over the world. But considering the things that are happening around us, it is more likely to happen in the near future. People in the tech industry know that Artificial Intelligence is going to play a major role in most of the industries, and web development is not an exception. The best example that we can give it that, in most of the sites, we are able to see some automated chats, which is nothing but AI and bots. This is just the crust of it, and there is a lot that can be done with AI.


JavaScript has been ruling the web development segment for the past five years. It has a lot to offer because of its exceptional framework and libraries. It has been providing a lot of flexibility and power to the developers. In the present situation, it is the most in-demand coding language.

Mobile Friendly

Making it mobile friendly

The drastic increase in smart phones has made the developers and designers to make the sites more mobile friendly. More than 70% of viewers for most of the sites are from the mobile platform. There are no second thoughts about the fact that it is going to increase in the years to come. Simple things adding CTA buttons will play a very important role and have a considerable amount of impact.

Motion UI

It has always been a trend to have an engaging user interface on every website. Motion UI is still the hot cake when it comes to User Interface. The dynamic graphics and realistic animation will definitely have a positive impact on various aspects. It allows the developer to tell a visual story to the audience in an engaging manner. There is a drastic increase, and the popularity seems to be growing every day. It helps the developers to animate the content without using JavaScript or jQuery.

Block Chain Technology

If your website is having any payment gateway, the use of blockchain technology is inevitable. We have entered the blockchain era because of the invention of crypto currency. Blockchain is going to be the next big thing because crypto is more likely to take over everything. The entire payment methods are going to be different in some years. The best part about blockchain is that it is the safest way for the transaction of money. It totally eliminates all kinds of security breach.

Top Best Responsive HTML5 Web Design

1. Foundation

Foundation is another famous responsive front-end system. With this cutting edge HTML5 structure, you can approach website architecture either portable first, or from enormous shows down to versatile sizes. It has quick prototyping abilities, a responsive lattice framework and significantly more. Foundation is by ZURB, an organization of item creators concentrated on giving online arrangements.


2. Montage HTML5 Framework

Montage is an open source HTML5 system for structure present-day applications. This JavaScript library utilizes explanatory restricting, which effectively encourages you to keep your application information and UI in a state of harmony. Montage likewise has a component called Blueprints for cooperatively restricting metadata onto your application objects — a quite clever capacity for managing bunches of dynamic page components.

3. Skeleton

Skeleton is a basic and clean responsive CSS standard for HTML5 sites and applications. It has quite recently the things you need, and nothing more. Some eminent highlights: a responsive format framework, standard media questions for your gadget explicit CSS style properties, a CSS class for responsive picture components that scale with the format lattice, a PSD layout for deriding up your website compositions, and an HTML5 shiv for old internet browsers.


4. HTML5 Boilerplate

In 2010, HTML5 Boilerplate ended up one of the first, and in this way, most mainstream open source front-end web advancement devices for getting HTML5 sites and web applications ready for action in the blink of an eye. It’s an arrangement web improvement arrangement that empowers our destinations to help present-day internet browsers. Incorporated into HTML5 Boilerplate is a portable neighbourly HTML layout, placeholder symbols, CSS resets for normalizing/institutionalizing your template property estimations, standard media inquiries for mainstream seeing screens, an HTML5 shiv for non-current internet browsers, and that’s just the beginning.

5. Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a well known, present-day front-end/UI advancement structure. It’s element stuffed and will have the majority of the things you’ll requirement for creating responsive locales and applications. Bootstrap has a 12-network responsive design, 13 custom jQuery modules for basic UIs like merry go rounds and modular windows, a Bootstrap customizer, and the sky is the limit from there. Bootstrap is well-reported, and this open source venture has a lot of inclusion in sites and instructional exercise destinations.

Twitter Bootstrap

6. HTML KickStart

One of the most current children on the square, HTML5 KickStart is a lean and mean a bundle of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript documents that guarantee to spare UI designers long periods of work. At about 300KB, HTML KickStart packs a significant punch: UI segments like a la mode catches and route bars, adaptable symbols (utilizing Font Awesome), a responsive matrix format, a touch-empowered slideshow segment, etc.

7. SproutCore

SproutCore is a front-end system for structure HTML5 applications quickly. It pursues the MVC design example and guarantees its clients the capacity to make local like client encounters for the Web.

Top Web Design Companies

1. Doejo

Doejo is an imaginative, structuring organization that has confidence in giving critical encounters to customers. The principal focal point of the organization is on making novel website compositions that customers can connect with. At Doejo, advancement and innovativeness are utilized to make structures for brands, items, and different undertakings to serve a scope of customers. The organization spends significant time in advancing (promoting) the items through structuring and dealing with the substance for sites. UX vital structuring and marking strategies are utilized by Doejo to make progress. Reconciliation of video and movement photography is utilized to give the customers selective presentations of their destinations.


2. Fashion and Smith

Fashion and Smith centres around improving the client experience through planning the sites, model administration, the executives of sites and internet business locales. Web-based life commitment is driven through empowering methods of SEO, advanced media and substance showcasing. Likewise, the organization oversees; adward battles and brand situating of organizations and items. Satisfying the needs of the customers is the objective of the organization. The inclination is given t the substance of high calibre and media the board to give an elite speed to the client. Customers of the organization extend from non-benefit associations to all around built up brands. In structuring, the organization deals with the compositional system of the destinations too.

3. Hudson Integrated

Hudson is an inventive organization that has set a case for benchmarks of innovativeness in the wake of assessing the customer’s image. The fundamental focal point of the organization is to make altered and novel plans for sites to upgrade the encounters of the customers. Hudson offers innovativeness through computerized and mechanical answers for focus on the internet business advertise through alluring structures. Advancement of applications, custom undertakings and online business facilitating organizations are a portion of the tasks that the office handles. Administrations of the organization likewise incorporate site and logo planning, alongside substance and web-based interface the board for the customers.

Hudson Integrated

4. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard represents considerable authority in creating sites and creating individual formats for sites. The organization invests heavily in directing exploration for the customer’s image and items before beginning the plan design. This is a noteworthy purpose behind the achievement of the web-structuring organization since the examination gives a superior thought of what is required in the market. Lounge Lizard is the victor of numerous honours as acknowledgement for their endeavours. Representatives at Lounge Lizard are a group of expert visual craftsmen, originators, content scholars, developers and computerized showcase pros to assess the market to deliver wanted structures. The primary spotlight is on creating basic and engaging structures to expand the level of clients.

5. Yoke

Yoke exceeds expectations in giving quality administrations to the customers by making strategical structures and web designs. An exceptional nature of the office is that they take each task and handle it through an alternate methodology. A prominent quality that has earned Yoke acknowledgement is that it centres around breaking down the requirements of the customers and organizations to make answers for them. With a group of imaginative masterminds and advanced fashioners, the office handles marking and planning through computerized promoting, web creating and inventive systems to ensure customer fulfilment for future undertakings.

Influence of AI in web design

Web designing is not just about creating a visually appealing website. Since people are exposed to a lot of things because of the boom of the internet, there is a lot that has to be done while developing a site. Every individual who is visiting the site must have great user experience, which will have a positive impact on any business.
The advancements in technology have paved ways for a lot of new things, and at the same time, the demand has also increased. Things like responsive design, conversional UI and AI-powered bots have become very common. In this article, we will see in detail the influence of AI in web design.

AI-powered UI

The AI-powered User Interface is capable of identifying the visitor’s navigation and gain information which changes can be made later to have a better user experience. It can also display customized results based on the preference of the customer. This will provide an engaging environment to the visitors, which will result in converting a visitor into a potential lead.


AI-powered bots

Bots are a set of codes that are specifically designed and coded to do a particular task. The most common type of bots is the chat bots that you might have seen in most of the websites. It seems like a human replying to your chats but is actually a bot that is going all the work. Using AI bots has a lot of advantage. Human errors are entirely eliminated and will also contribute to the development of business

AI-powered auto testing

AI-powered auto testing is an algorithm that helps the website to test itself. Based on the data that are collected from the visitors, a lot of parameters are predicted. It also has the feature to detect the failure patterns to optimize various elements on the website to avoid failures in the future. With AI-powered auto testing, bug detection and its remedy will be an instant process.


AI backed data mining

With the recent incidents in some of the biggest organizations in the world, we all know the importance of data. For any business, data plays a very important role in developing the business. Having a considerable amount of data is undoubtedly the biggest asset for any business. With AI backed data mining, the process will be very simple, and it will be absolutely flawless.

AI-based analytics

When data has been obtained from the users or visitors, a lot of analysis needs to be done. It might sound simple but is not. When AI comes into play, the process is made very easy that will lead to having some impressive results. These results and insights obtained will really help to make the changes that will have a positive impact on various aspects. It also indirectly helps to have better SEO ranking in the search engine results.

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