Web design is one of the things that have been going through constant changes and makeovers. A lot of advancements are come and gone. Hence it is mandatory for the web designers to stay updated about the latest trends. If not, they will not be able to live to the expectations of the people. In this article, we will see in detail the latest advancements and trends in web development.

AI or bots

We never thought that robots are going to take over the world. But considering the things that are happening around us, it is more likely to happen in the near future. People in the tech industry know that Artificial Intelligence is going to play a major role in most of the industries, and web development is not an exception. The best example that we can give it that, in most of the sites, we are able to see some automated chats, which is nothing but AI and bots. This is just the crust of it, and there is a lot that can be done with AI.


JavaScript has been ruling the web development segment for the past five years. It has a lot to offer because of its exceptional framework and libraries. It has been providing a lot of flexibility and power to the developers. In the present situation, it is the most in-demand coding language.

Mobile Friendly

Making it mobile friendly

The drastic increase in smart phones has made the developers and designers to make the sites more mobile friendly. More than 70% of viewers for most of the sites are from the mobile platform. There are no second thoughts about the fact that it is going to increase in the years to come. Simple things adding CTA buttons will play a very important role and have a considerable amount of impact.

Motion UI

It has always been a trend to have an engaging user interface on every website. Motion UI is still the hot cake when it comes to User Interface. The dynamic graphics and realistic animation will definitely have a positive impact on various aspects. It allows the developer to tell a visual story to the audience in an engaging manner. There is a drastic increase, and the popularity seems to be growing every day. It helps the developers to animate the content without using JavaScript or jQuery.

Block Chain Technology

If your website is having any payment gateway, the use of blockchain technology is inevitable. We have entered the blockchain era because of the invention of crypto currency. Blockchain is going to be the next big thing because crypto is more likely to take over everything. The entire payment methods are going to be different in some years. The best part about blockchain is that it is the safest way for the transaction of money. It totally eliminates all kinds of security breach.